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The field of radionics brings together physics and the psychic.   

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Standing Waves

The scalar wave can be physically observed in a standing wave pattern. A wave form is contained within an area by a barrier. As the wave hits the barrier it returns back in the direction it originally came from. The wave form of the reflected wave will interfere with the original wave. For example, two crests may cross one another, in which case a new crest will appear which is much larger, a product of the energy of the two crests combined. Or a crest traveling in one direction may cross a trough traveling in the other direction; in this case the two patterns appear to cancel each other out.

Usually, the crossing wave patterns will not coincide exactly trough to trough, crest to crest. Various complicated interference patterns appear and the wave forms cross and re-cross the medium.

However, sometimes the frequency of vibration, wave length, and the size of the area which contains the wave combine in such a way that the crossing wave forms coincide exactly with each other, trough to crest, 180 degrees out of phase. We then see a “standing wave pattern,” so called because certain points along the medium seem to be standing still.
The points which seem to be standing still, points of no displacement, are called nodes. Other points along the medium seem to vibrate up and down, without moving longitudinally, from positive displacement to negative displacement (trough to crest). These points of maximum displacement are called antinodes. You can see a GIF animation of this phenomenon at the Multimedia Physics Studios.
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