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The Reluctant Shaman



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When I returned to Domano and Chea's apartment, they had a sack packed and their coats on, ready to go for a little drive.

"Do not remove your coat," Chea said. "Hurry. We are going to drive up the coast. But not for long, we will have you back on time. We have no car, you know, but your van is perfect." They climbed in the back of the VW bus before I could say a thing, Domano stretching across the bench behind the driver's seat and Chea sitting opposite him.

So we headed north around the beach and up Highway 1. It was a windy and sunny day, but not very cold. They opened the windows in the back, and even though it made it a little cool, I too opened my window. It was exciting to feel the brisk air rushing against my face and through my hair. I wondered what this day would bring. I felt enlivened, full of anticipation, but not quite afraid. I realized that I was in an adventure. It was as if I had stepped again into an alien world and must reconcile myself to the unexpected.

"Today marks a good day," Domano said. "Today we help you tune your body to mingle and merge with the forces of the world."

There was an uncomfortable silence. I was hoping he would clarify what that meant. I didn't want to say anything and perhaps influence the direction of the conversation. I wished he would just define what he was talking about. My agitation became apparent when I tried to look at Domano but found it difficult to see him or make eye contact with him because he was sitting directly behind me. I could see only Chea in my rearview mirror. She looked amused at my frustration.

Domano started to kid me. "Oh, this is a pretty big day for you. It's going to be a real hot one. Trust me, you are going to really like this drive." He giggled. He enjoyed teasing me, and it always caught me off guard. I never could think of anything to say. I tried again to see him in the mirror, but he kept shifting around to prevent it. It made me want to pull the car over and stop so that I could turn around and talk with him face to face. He just chuckled all the more.

"You are running on a dime short today?" he asked. "You are not at all afraid. Not even a little. Do you forget your beloved elders so fast?"

His reminder sent a wave through my stomach. Why wasn't I afraid? I had no idea. Logically, I suppose I should have been. I felt as if I had a passport into adventure, but for some reason, I felt safe, as though today real injury couldn't touch me.

"Your mood is too lax," he continued. "Too secure in your ability not to die. You are all curiosity and no alertness. Be curious, yes. But be watchful of Death, always. Your joy has given you access to your inheritance, but don't let its pleasantness distract you from all other possible things. Let it guide you, with alertness that is made of joy and passion, to the next moment. There is always the possibility of surprise and even danger.

"Today we take you before our friend, the spirit who is our planet. This one is going to help you reach out and harmonize with the forces of the world. This, our benefactor, will be the first to show you the merging and absorbingthe dancing of the web. There are other, older ways to tune the body system for this, but they are slow and lack control, and they no longer hold working congruencies for the peoples of this time. We give you a quest that keeps all the control in your hands, with ease and swiftness and great beauty. Since the sinking of the old lands, long ago, few people were able to do this because there were almost no congruencies left in the webs of man for such experiences. But through the centuries the shamans have added their histories and knowledge to the webs of man, until now there is so much congruency, it is easy for one to succeed. A day will come when it will be the way of humans from birth."

"What is it I'll do?" I asked. "What does our planet have to do with dancing?"

"When the time is set, you will request the living energy from our Earth's heart eddy to concentrate and merge with your body from underneath your feet, cleaning open those eddies, those doorways to your energy path. Then slowly she will move all through the body up into each whirling place, cleaning out the old, bringing brightness and expansion, rousing and mixing with your own fiery serpent of the life inside you. You will feel our Earth and know her, and she will know you. Your hearts will touch each other and mix. Your minds will merge. And you can learn to see the universe she knows, and understand her shifting. She can guide you to know others as well. She is our beloved benefactor. And this is the beginning of the dance of the web."

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