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The following text is an excerpt from Healing Spirits.

We are a culture that is based on the idea that we are separated from everything: from our creator, from our Garden of Eden, from nature, from the animals, the plants, the people. We’re even separated from ourselves. This separateness creates a hierarchy in which we place ourselves on a ladder, somewhere between very good and very bad.

Here we are—we’ve been kicked out of the Garden and we’re stuck way down at the bottom of the ladder. This doesn’t do very much for our self-esteem. It also creates a social condition where, in order to get up the ladder, you have to yank off someone who is above you. So we end up judging and creating an environment of “shoulds” and “better than” or “less than.” We’re constantly scrambling, trying to get up the ladder to be in a “better than” place, yet we’re always somehow still separated, still not good enough. We don’t know who we really are—we don’t know our own Song, what the Hetakas called the vastness and joy of our own essence.
We are riddled with fear and uneasiness.

The world view of my adopted grandparents, the Hetakas, on the other hand, is one of connectedness, of being connected to all things, of being a part of Creator and Creation.

In this paradigm, everything is wondrously unique, yet also a part of everything else. When one thing is benefited, it is never at the expense of something else. Thus, in this tradition, we don’t heal the patient at the expense of the disease, because everything has the right to live, to express itself, to be happy, to be in its fullness in a communicative environment that it truly enjoys.

A disease inside a body does not really enjoy being there: it’s out of place, a stranger in a strange land. It’s usually very willing to leave. But, if you try to force it out without any consideration for it or its purpose for being there—the message that it has to deliver—it fights back, because its job isn’t done.

In the tradition in which I was trained, healing is a win/win situation. It’s finding the elements inside a system that cause dysfunction and imbalance and communicating with them, developing a conversation between the healer, the body parts, the disorder, and the spirit helpers that are present.

Healing is balancing, so all the elements must be honored. You approach the disease with an attitude of gratefulness, of wanting to pass on its message. A disorder always has an inherent message, a reason why it’s there in the first place. If
that message can be passed on, the disorder is usually willing to leave.

There are two major indigenous traditions for psychic, hands-on healing around the world: there is the win/win type and there is the warrior type. Warrior-type healers literally go to war with the disorder. They go into the patient’s system, confront the disease, wrestle it, overpower it, and force it out of the person’s body. Usually the way they force it out is to take at least some of the condition into themselves; they
then wrestle it within themselves and expel it. This is not an easy way to do healing and warrior-healers typically don’t have long lives.

The other tradition is the one in which I was trained. Based on a win/win philosophy, its approach is one of peace. I learned to approach a disorder with respect and gratitude, providing some element of gain and win for everything involved in the process of the healing. The organs win something; the disease wins something; your patient wins something; you win something. Everyone is happy.

In a win/win scenario, the disease willingly gives its message, its information, to the healer and the client and leaves the body. Sometimes it just downright rushes out of the body. No one has to use an excessive amount of energy, so there’s no
danger and no harming.

As healers in the win/win tradition work, the energy that flows through them is coming from an ultimate, endless source, the Creator; it’s coming through the heartcenter of the Mother Earth; it’s coming from the heart-center of the Sun; it’s coming from the heart-center of our Galaxy.

Access to this extraordinary volume of complete life energy is through a special initiatory ceremony (The Dance Of The Earth Fire Serpent) or spontaneous energy system opening granted by the spirits.

This energy pours through the healer’s body, like a conduit, and out through the heart and hands—so you’re not taking energy from your own being and giving it to someone else. You’re utilizing an extremely large energy source and directing it.

This particular method is much healthier for the healer.

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